As many of the greatest world leaders have said: your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give. Especially in today’s day and age, giving back really is the new luxury. Our sole vision and purpose is to elevate women’s self-esteem and inner beauty by not only providing customized bracelets unique to her style but by also facilitating the opportunity for our customers to give back to the world. 

When you purchase a bracelet from BRACELETS OF HOPE, you have the opportunity to give back to some of FOOD FOR THE POOR charitable projects selected by strong women and founders of Bracelets of Hope. While there are plenty of philanthropic organizations and projects to choose from, they aligned on this initial shortlist given the deep impact they provide to the community, children and women around the world.


Squares Activewear

100 Chicks to provide eggs

Baby chicks grow quicky to provide poor families not only with a sustainable source of protein from eggs, but also with supplemental income from selling extra eggs. Chickens help prevent the devastating effects of malnutrition


Wheelchair for a poor person 

The poor are unable to afford even the most basic medical equipment. Your gift purchases a wheelchair for someone in desperate need


·      A Water Pump for a Thirsty Village

What we can easily access with the twist of a tap is considered a precious gift by the poorest of the poor. Your gift to provide a water pump will improve the life and health of an entire village..


Our purpose is to provide a spiritual linkage between a woman’s style and beauty and making the world a better place improving people’s lives. With every purchase made through Bracelets of Hope, we have the opportunity to elevate our customers purchasing power at a deeper, more human level. 


To design and create customized bracelets that deepens your ability to give back to the world while promoting what makes you beautiful and unique. Our business is aimed to help improve lives around the world by offering a symbol of hope with every purchase made.

As they say, self-fulfillment is not what you have but how you give back to those in need.  



Who we are and everything we stand for is rooted off the basis of love. With so much happening around the world and the deep state of polarization that our society is in at the local and global level, Bracelets of Hope has found a special opportunity to help our customers combat the negativity by promoting light, love, humility and hope through beauty, style and giving back. We aren’t just another jewelry company; we are deeper than that:

  • We are dedicated;

  • We are creative;

  • We are loyal;

  • We believe in teamwork;

  • We appreciate art;

  • We create beautiful bracelets;

    • We value our customers;

    • We value a woman's inner beauty;

    • We celebrate our differences;

    • We promote what make us unique;

    • We value the world around us;

  • We support our community;

  • We provide hope;

  • We believe in the power of love;

  • We give back;

    • We celebrate life.